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  • 9 Things to Remember Before Relocating Your Business

    Features, February 13, 2015

    Moving from one city to another is inevitably stressful. Picking up and relocating your business brings up different issues altogether. That’s why we asked nine members from the Young Entrepreneur Council the following question: “What is one thing entrepreneurs should not forget to do before relocating their business to a new city?”

  • Customer Service Must be Part of Your Process

    Features, October 20, 2014

    Imagine you’re sitting in the service department at a car dealership, waiting for a routine inspection. It should only take ‘a few minutes’. But you’ve been in this room for nearly two hours now. You’re becoming impatient…even angry. Because it’s clear the business has no process in place to see that your needs are met in a timely fashion.

  • How to Balance Leadership and Management

    Features, October 09, 2014

    As people, we need leaders. Whether it’s the President of the United States, a religious leader or the “head” of your family – we look to leaders to guide us through difficult or uncertain times, to set an example, and to demand a high level of ethics from those around us.

  • Are You Making These Common Entrepreneurial Mistakes?

    Features, October 01, 2014

    Today, the world seems to be filled with bright, creative people who want to make a name for themselves. If you are ready to branch out as an entrepreneur to bring your great idea to light, start on the right foot by learning from those who have gone before you.

  • 7 Tips to Get More Customers, More Often

    Features, August 12, 2014

    We all claim to want more customers more often, but are we doing what it takes to get that done? I asked Sarah Reilly Engel, VP of Merchant Success at Belly, a loyalty rewards company for retailers, to share advice with us.

  • 3 Surefire Ways You Can Achieve Public Relations Success

    Features, June 25, 2014

    The lines between advertising, marketing and public relations have always been a little blurred, with many firms providing a combination of two or more of the services. But the Internet has almost removed the lines completely, as advertisers reach out to customers on social media and press releases begin to make appearances in search engine rankings. Here we are going to show you three surefire ways to find PR success.

  • Top Stories: Minimum Wage Increase Defeated, Internet Explorer Fixed

    Features, May 05, 2014

    Top stories for small business owners this week involved the fate of a contentious minimum wage bill and the repair of a major Web security issue. The Small Business Trends editorial team has you covered with this important news and more. Just follow our roundup.