Atlanta Fed Launches Center for Workforce and Economic Opportunity

Staff Report From Metro Atlanta CEO

Wednesday, October 11th, 2017

The Atlanta Fed’s new Center for Workforce and Economic Opportunity acts as a bridge between research and practice by making Federal Reserve System work related to the labor market, employment opportunities, and workforce development accessible to researchers, businesses, and policymakers. 

The CWEO focuses on employment and labor market issues faced by individuals from low- and moderate-income backgrounds that affect economic opportunity, defined by the degree to which people and businesses engage in the labor market. The center shares research associated with the following economic opportunity outcomes: equality of opportunity, socioeconomic mobility, stability, resilience, and competitiveness.

In addition to making Federal Reserve labor and workforce research more available, the center will strive to make this work more accessible by providing Workforce Currents  articles, videos, and podcasts that discuss and synthesize recent research. The center also showcases interactive data tools from across the Fed System that relate to regional economic trends, including employment and wage growth. For example, the Opportunity Occupations Monitor, a new tool created by Atlanta Fed researchers, will display jobs across metro areas that pay at least the median annual salary and don’t require a bachelor’s degree.
The Center for Workforce and Economic Opportunity is part of the Atlanta Fed’s Labor Market Initiative, which also includes the Center for Human Capital Studies. For more information about the center, or if you have questions about how it can support your work, please contact center director, Stuart Andreason.