Emory Healthcare Innovation Hub Expands with New Industry Partners

Staff Report From Metro Atlanta CEO

Friday, June 21st, 2019

The Emory Healthcare Innovation Hub announced Konica Minolta Healthcare, Novo Nordisk, Philips and Stryker as its newest strategic partners committed to improving the patient care and provider experience by using information technology to solve the most pressing problems facing health care.

The Innovation Hub, along with partner Sharecare, uses a demand-driven innovation approach, developed with 11ITEN Innovation Partners, to identify improvement through the eyes of the end user and to develop solutions with the greatest impact on cost, quality and health outcomes in the state of Georgia and across the U.S. Initial areas of focus include precision medicine, genetics, trauma/emergency medicine, orthopedics, obesity and rural access to care through telehealth.

“Emory Healthcare has a rich history of innovation and now, in partnering with 11ITen Innovation Partners, has developed a unique model to bring together some of the most influential health care technology innovators in the world,” says Scott D. Boden, MD, vice president of business innovation for Emory Healthcare and chief medical/quality officer for Emory University Orthopaedics & Spine Hospital.

“By adding Konica Minolta Healthcare, Novo Nordisk, Philips and Stryker, I’m excited and inspired by the power and resources of our Hub to solve some of the most pressing problems facing health care. As an example, today more than 20 million women in the U.S. are at risk of developing breast cancer, but patients and providers don’t always know who they are," Boden notes.

"Through our partnership with Konica Minolta Healthcare, we’re validating the development of cancer screening tools and genetic testing modules to aid in the early detection of cancer risk," he explains.

Jonathan S. Lewin, MD, serves as president, CEO and chair of the board of Emory Healthcare.

“Emory Healthcare is excited to see the expansion of the Emory Healthcare Innovation Hub through its newest strategic partners, which are some of the largest companies in the world committed to creating meaningful solutions and outcomes in health and health care,” Lewin says. “The addition of these partners from across the health care industry will allow the Emory Healthcare Innovation Hub to leverage a technology and innovation ecosystem to validate ideas locally and positively affect the lives of people around the globe.”

Partnerships like the Emory Healthcare Innovation Hub can help make health care more sustainable, says James Lewis, CEO, 11|TEN Innovation Partners.

“In order for our health care system to be sustainable, we must find ways to innovate the way we diagnose disease, deliver care and engage patients. Innovating and adapting to change is difficult in all industries, but especially in health care," Lewis says. "By bringing all of these companies together to develop and validate comprehensive solutions at Emory Healthcare, we can transform the way care is delivered and accelerate the innovation process to make a meaningful impact for providers and patients.”

Realizing Innovation Event Series to launch July 10, 2019 with Konica Minolta Healthcare

To elevate the conversation and learnings around the initial problems facing health care and the innovation needed to solve them, the Emory Healthcare Innovation Hub will launch the Realizing Innovation Event Series produced by 11|TEN Innovation Partners. The invitation-only series will kick off on July 10 with its inaugural event at Emory’s Convocation Hall and feature partner Konica Minolta Healthcare. The event will include Scott D. Boden, MD, vice president of business innovation for Emory Healthcare, and David Widmann, president and CEO of Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas, who will share insights and projects underway to advance the future of personalized medicine. A livestream of the event will be available via Twitter at @11teninnovation.