Practical Guide to Client Management One of the First of Its Kind Published in Business Genre

Staff Report

Friday, September 4th, 2020

How2Conquer, a boutique publisher specializing in nonfiction how-to books, today announced the availability of its newest book, “A Dragon Walks Into a Meeting: A Tactical Guide to Client Management,” by authors John Brown and Fred Fuller. The book, which provides discussion and techniques for building and maintaining good client relationships that lead to greater business success, is available for purchase through all major book retailers including Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as well as your favorite independent bookstores through IndieBound.
Authors Brown and Fuller began the book after working together for several years, often sharing client dilemmas and negotiations with each other that would inevitably end with one of them lamenting that they wish client management practices had been taught in business school.  Noticing that there was very littlethought leadership or scholarship on the client management field itself, the result of those conversations is “A Dragon Walks Into a Meeting,” a compilation of their years of learnings.
"Saying yes to this manuscript was easy for me," says Michelle Newcome, publisher of Atlanta-based How2Conquer. "I could immediately see how my own team of account managers needed a guide like this. Every page I turned as we edited and reviewed held another great nugget of information that would be immediately useful in my own business. We loved working with John and Fred to tease out their best stories and bits of hard-won wisdom in making many dragons happy over their careers."
With subtle humor and infographic recaps at the end of each chapter, highlights from the book include:

· Practical tactics to use today

· Critical skills to execute with clients and how to develop in each area

· Philosophical underpinnings for client management

· Illustrative stories from real-life client interactions 

Building on the basics introduced in the book, the authors continue discussing client management intheir podcast, Account Management (A Tactical Guide to Success), available from PodBean, iTunes,Google Podcasts, and other podcast platforms.
Amanda Setili, President of Setili & Associates and  author of Fearless Growth and The Agility Advantage,notes,  “It is light-hearted but full of useful insights, practical advice, and great stories and examples. I’drecommend it for anyone who regularly manages business clients, whether they are experienced or just starting out."