Alpharetta is the #1 City in the South for Remote Work & Nature

Staff Report

Friday, August 12th, 2022

As mental health days are becoming more common in the workplace, many people are making sure they have enough time for activities they love to keep them from experiencing burnout at work. One way many people love to decompress is with outdoor activities, such as hiking, kayaking, or a plethora of other options. In this new study, 445 cities across the nation were analyzed to see which ones are the best for remote workers who love the outdoors. 

Here are the top cities in the South:

  1. Alpharetta, GA (Score of 64.35)

  2. Charlottesville, VA (Score 64.26)

  3. Greensboro, NC (Score of 64.06)

  4. Alexandria, VA (Score of 61.36)

  5. Washington, DC (Score of 61.28)

  6. Greenville, SC (Score of 59.79)

  7. Sugar Land, TX (Score of 59.77)

  8. Leander, TX (Score of 59.67)

  9. Richmond, VA (Score of 56.78)

  10. Baytown, TX (Score of 56.18)

  11. Norfolk, VA (Score of 55.95)

  12. Baltimore, MD (Score of 55.95)

  13. Lewisville, TX (Score of 55.52)

  14. Plano, TX (Score of 54.22)

  15. Franklin, TN (Score of 54.20)

To view the full study click here.