Home Care Assist Launches Personalized In-Home Care Service in Atlanta

Staff Report From Metro Atlanta CEO

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

Home Care Assist, a unique online compatibility matching service for in-home care, recently launched in Georgia with a focus on the Atlanta market. The user-friendly online platform is revolutionizing the way people connect within the home care industry by connecting people seeking in-home care with private-duty caregivers based on personal interests – an industry first – in addition to conventional criteria such as location, experience and skill sets.

“While traditional methods of finding in-home care can be effective, they can also be expensive, time consuming or shift control of care to a third party,” said Brian VanHook, co-founder and CEO of Home Care Assist. “Home Care Assist is the middle ground between expensive in-home care agencies and a ‘do it yourself’ mentality involving word-of-mouth searches. We’re excited to bring a trustworthy, affordable option for in-home care to Georgia families.”

For careseekers, Home Care Assist is a personalized option that generates a curated list of screened, compatible caregivers, allowing careseekers to retain control of in-home care while being connected to safe, qualified caregivers with common interests. The service fosters meaningful relationships between caregivers and careseekers and can be used as a valuable supplement to existing care in instances where family caregivers need respite.

For private-duty caregivers, the Home Care Assist online platform works for them to fill schedules with rewarding relationships and meaningful work. Instead of constant job hunts and mismatched clients, Home Care Assist gives private-duty caregivers freedom to enjoy their career with well-matched clients that seek them.

All schedule and payment negotiations take place directly between caregivers and careseekers. The direct connection between those giving and receiving care encourages caregivers to earn approximately 25 to 40 percent more while reducing careseeker cost when compared to traditional agency fees.

To establish connections through Home Care Assist, visit HomeCareAssist.com and click on “For Caregivers” or “For Careseekers.” Caregivers are prompted to create a free profile and complete registration. Careseekers can trial the service with a free 5-day pass. Other options for careseekers include a 15-day pass for $59, a 30-day subscription for $79, and a 90-day subscription for $159. In addition to standard questions to capture careseeker needs and caregiver skills, both groups can anticipate questions like, “Do you like to read?”, “Are you interested in history?” and, “Do you enjoy playing board games?” All caregivers must pass a background screening to be connected to careseekers.