Cox Enterprises Achieves 100,000 Ton Recycling Milestone

Staff Report From Metro Atlanta CEO

Monday, September 11th, 2017

Cox Enterprises announced that the company has recycled more than 100,000 tons of materials since 2013. This milestone coincides with the 10th anniversary of the company's Cox Conserves sustainability program, which has a goal of achieving zero waste to landfill by 2024.  

Cox Enterprises is celebrating 10 years of sustainability through its Cox Conserves program.

"At Cox, we understand that sustainability is a collective effort," said Cox Enterprises' Vice President of Environmental Sustainability Keith Mask. "We meet our environmental goals by looking for innovative ways to engage our employees and customers and investing in programs and technologies that allow us to operate in an environmentally responsible manner. We look at every way possible to recycle and repurpose materials. We also make it easy for employees to participate."

Across its divisions, Cox is engaged in scores of projects to reduce consumption and recycle or compost materials. These efforts are diverting materials from landfills, decreasing consumption of natural resources and reducing the energy and emissions associated with manufacturing new products. The company has invested more than $1 million in recycling projects. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, part of Cox Media Group, became the first U.S. newspaper to receive Gold-level certification from the U.S. Zero Waste Building Council in 2016. The same year, Cox launched nearly 40 new site-specific recycling and composting programs across the country.

In 2017, the company opened the doors to its Golden Isles Conservation Center, a facility that utilizes an eco-friendly process to break down tires into their original components. By repurposing the materials, the center has the capacity to daily remove the equivalent of five tons of tires from landfills and waterways.