Kennesaw State Collaborates with GE Digital

Staff Report From Metro Atlanta CEO

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

Kennesaw State University has announced a collaboration with GE Digital to provide students in the Ph.D. in Analytics and Data Science program the opportunity to explore cutting-edge machine learning algorithms and advanced data science technologies.

“Collaborative, practical research is the foundation of our Ph.D. program in Analytics and Data Science,” said Jennifer Lewis Priestley, associate dean of the Graduate College. “Our students are working with real data, to solve real problems. They are trained in theory, but applying those concepts to real business challenges is the hallmark of the 21st century Ph.D. degree.”

The Ph.D. in Analytics and Data Science at Kennesaw State University was one of the first of its kind in the nation. It is designed to train individuals to translate large, structured and unstructured, complex data into information to improve decision-making. The four-year program emphasizes courses in statistical modeling, machine learning, programming, optimization and text analytics.

“We have chosen to partner with the Ph.D. in Analytics and Data Science at KSU because the students and associated faculty have the demonstrated ability to integrate leading edge research in data science with practical application to real business problems,” said Girish Modgil, Sr. Director Data & Analytics at GE Digital. 

Kennesaw State’s decision to develop a program in analytics and data science stemmed from the success of the University’s existing Master of Science in Applied Statistics — where graduates are in great demand and continue to have a 100 percent placement — and by the minor in applied statistics and data analysis with undergraduate demand from every college across the University, and similarly strong placement.

“As a public university, we have a fiduciary responsibility to be contributing to the economic competitiveness of the state,” said Priestley. “This collaboration with GE Digital is a great example of how a university/private sector partnership creates value for the company, the students, and the state of Georgia.”