LinkedIn Partners with Atlanta-based SalesLoft to Help Develop Authentic Sales Relationships

Staff Report From Metro Atlanta CEO

Thursday, October 12th, 2017

SalesLoft, the leading sales engagement platform for the modern sales organization, announced that it has joined the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Application Platform by integrating LinkedIn Sales Navigator insights into the SalesLoft platform.

By partnering with LinkedIn, SalesLoft connects sales professionals to customers in rich, meaningful ways. The partnership will allow SalesLoft customers to view and take action on LinkedIn Sales Navigator data directly from the SalesLoft platform.

"Integrating LinkedIn to our platform is a natural and helpful way to empower our customers," said Kyle Porter, CEO of SalesLoft. "With this partnership, modern sales professionals will be able to transform their sales engagement efforts with the most accurate and authentic professional data available.

Leveraging LinkedIn’s API framework, the integration will allow SalesLoft users to gain real-time insights on the companies they’re engaged with, see current and shared connections at those companies to build authentic relationships, and uncover common bonds that will ultimately help them to better engage with their audience. Kyle Norton, VP of Sales at League, confirms that “finding the right people in our target accounts, and then knowing precisely what to say when we reach them so we connect with them – that’s where the LinkedIn integration with SalesLoft wins for us.”

“I know that our organization, and thousands of others like ours, rely on LinkedIn to better understand and engage with customers and prospects,” said Porter. “When you look across the entire sales landscape, there are few companies that have had the type of impact that LinkedIn has achieved, and one in which we’re hoping to emulate. Sellers need to be equipped with the right information about potential customers and partnering with LinkedIn gives SalesLoft users just that data and insight, where and when they need it.”