State Rep. Allen Peake Announces Medical Cannabis Poll Results

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

State Representative Allen Peake (R-Macon) announced the results of a new poll, which shows that 77 percent of Georgia Republican voters approve of the use of cannabis oil to treat medical conditions.  Further, 71 percent of those polled favor the controlled cultivation of marijuana for medical purposes.

“The data shows that Georgians are compassionate people who do not want to see sick people suffer needlessly when a safe and effective treatment is available,” said Rep. Peake.  “There are almost 3,000 Georgians who have registered for the Low THC Oil Registry, and more than 450 doctors who have signed up to register patients in Georgia. We know that cannabis oil is bringing relief to those who are in pain, and we must take the next step and provide for in-state cultivation for medicinal use as quickly as possible.”

In 2015, Rep. Peake sponsored Haleigh’s Hope Act, House Bill 1, which allows those with certain medical conditions to register with the Department of Public Health and, under a doctor’s supervision, use cannabis oil to relieve pain and alleviate symptoms associated with their illness.  In 2017, Rep. Peake carried Senate Bill 16, which expanded the list of conditions that qualify for the regulated-use of cannabis oil in Georgia.

Rep. Peake explained that, under current state law, in-state cultivation of medical marijuana is still prohibited.  He continued to say that it is a federal crime to transport cannabis oil across state lines, and families should not be faced with this risky choice for their loved ones.

“There are now 29 states that allow cultivation of marijuana within their own borders for medicinal purposes,” said Rep. Peake.  “Georgia is behind the rest of the nation, and sick people are suffering needlessly because we have not updated our laws to allow for in-state cultivation of this product.”

The poll was conducted by the Tarrance Group of Alexandria, Virginia.  From Nov. 27 – 29, 511 respondents who identified as likely Republican primary voters were surveyed by telephone.  The margin of error for the poll is plus or minus 4.5 percent.

Specific question and cross-tab data is provided below.

Views on Medical Marijuana:

Do you approve or disapprove of the state allowing patients with a doctor’s approval and a state issued card to be able to use a form of medical marijuana oil to treat the symptoms of their diseases?

Strongly approve: 53%                      Strongly disapprove: 11%

  Approve Unsure Disapprove
All 77% 5% 18%
Men 75% 5% 20%
Women 80% 4% 16%
18-44 84% 5% 11%
45-64 86% 3% 11%
65+ 70% 6% 25%
Extremely conservative 73% 8% 20%
Very conservative 76% 3% 21%
Somewhat conservative 82% 3% 14%
Moderate/liberal 77% 7% 16%
Baptist 74% 7% 19%
Catholic 78% 5% 17%
Protestant 76% 1% 22%
Born-again voter 76% 4% 19%
Not Born-again voter 83% 4% 13%


Views on Cultivation Proposal:

Currently, this form of medical marijuana oil that patients rely on cannot be legally produced in Georgia or brought across state lines under federal law.  Thinking about this issue, and a proposal to change this law –

Would you favor or oppose the state of Georgia allowing the cultivation of marijuana in the state for medical purposes only, in a regulated, restricted manner for certain medical conditions?

Strongly favor: 46%                           Strongly oppose: 16%

  Favor Unsure Oppose
All 71% 5% 24%
Men 66% 6% 28%
Women 76% 4% 20%
18-44 84% 7% 9%
45-64 78% 2% 20%
65+ 63% 6% 31%
Extremely conservative 61% 8% 31%
Very conservative 68% 5% 27%
Somewhat conservative 80% 3% 16%
Moderate/liberal 72% 5% 23%
Baptist 69% 6% 25%
Catholic 71% 29%
Protestant 68% 4% 29%
Born-again voter 70% 5% 24%
Not Born-again voter 75% 4% 20%
Medical marijuana – Approve 87% 3% 10%
Medical marijuana – Unsure 30% 43% 26%
Medical marijuana – Disapprove 15% 3% 82%