HiddenLevers Passes $200B in Assets on Platform, Opens New Headquarters in Atlanta

Staff Report From Metro Atlanta CEO

Friday, June 29th, 2018

HiddenLevers, a provider of financial risk technologies, has surpassed the $200 Billion mark for assets on its platform.

This milestone marks almost a decade of growth for a fintech company bringing institutional risk tech to financial professionals and their clients. Originally referred to as a "Black Swan in a Box" by Barron's, HiddenLevers now boasts a full-fledged risk tech platform from stress testing to proposals to goal-based cash flow analysis, paying equal attention to both downside and upside outcomes.

"We see legacy risk tech players talking about downside risk constantly over the past 10 years – the real risk was having an investing posture that was too conservative," said Raj Udeshi, Founder and chief evangelist at HiddenLevers. "If your risk tech relates everything back to the financial crisis or the 1987 crash, that analysis is dead on arrival in 2018. It should deal with forward-looking scenarios like the Trump Tax Plan, Trade War, or Hawkish Federal Reserve and maintain parity between upside and downside. Advisors can then gauge potential return, and CFOs can gauge potential boosts to revenue, not just how much they stand to lose."

Founded in late 2009 in Former Mayor Bloomberg's technology incubator in New York, HiddenLevers has organically grown to nearly 2,000 users, spread across 400+ firms. This achievement highlights the company's dedication to creating a bootstrapped fintech success.

"Not taking outside capital really makes us focus on those timeless concepts of unit economics and margins, so we will still be here as the glut of fintech startups gets culled," said Praveen Ghanta, HiddenLevers Founder and Tech Lead. "It also lets us maintain our development paradigm – small teams of excellent people that iterate quickly to get amazing things out the door."

In 2018, this development model is bringing new wealth management players to HiddenLevers' yard, including institutional players – Asset Managers, Private Equity, and RIA roll-ups who want a uniform view of forward-looking risk and business intelligence for revenue modeling.

"Many information providers claim to do portfolio stress testing, but most of those offerings are very amateurish compared to what I get from HiddenLevers," said Robert Brammer, a former CTO of Northrop Grumman who now operates a multi-generational family office in Boston.