Hodges-Mace to Present “Can’t Get No Benefits Satisfaction” Webinar on June 26th

Staff Report From Metro Atlanta CEO

Friday, June 22nd, 2018

Hodges-Mace, LLC, an award-winning benefits delivery innovator, presents “Can’t Get No Benefits Satisfaction,” on June 26, at 1:00pm ET. During the one hour webinar Tracy Funk, VP of Carrier Solutions, will reveal how to turn enrollment exhaustion into enrollment exhilaration with the right decision support tools. Register here to attend and receive the recorded link after the event.

Over 90% of employees keep the same benefit plans every year because they are overwhelmed by the complexity of their options. Many over-insure because they fail to understand how voluntary benefits can supplement their plans and offset out of pocket expenses. Others are underinsured and can’t afford a trip to the emergency room.

In her session, Tracy will explain how to leverage decision support technologies to empower employees and enhance engagement. She will discuss the different types of decisions support tools available today, and walk through how employers can evaluate their workforce to implement the most successful tool(s) for their strategy. By going through the variety of options available and placing real-life workplace personas in scenarios, attendees will learn what to look for in a decision support system to ensure it’s the right choice for their specific organization.

“The decisions employees make about their benefits during open enrollment can impact them (and their job satisfaction) throughout the year,” says Tracy. “Employers must examine how their employees are choosing their benefits, and what assistance they can provide to help them make the smartest decisions to meet their specific needs.“

Studies show that when employees feel confident in their benefits they are more satisfied in their jobs and with their employer, which leads to improved performance, loyalty and retention. By deploying the right decision support tools, employers encourage their employees to make the right choices and feel confident in their selections. This provides an experience that makes enrollment easier and amplifies the employee’s perception of the value of their benefits packages.