Atlanta-Area EspriGas Partners With Woden to Expand Industry Dominance and Fuel Growth

Staff Report From Metro Atlanta CEO

Monday, July 9th, 2018

When navigating gas supply needs, companies are often plagued by erratic service, inconsistent distribution, and fluctuating market prices, leading to a range of inexplicable, often-unmanageable inefficiencies. EspriGas a Roswell-based gas supply company led by Mike Walsh, has alleviated the inconsistency of gas supply by fostering a robust network of suppliers tailored to individual market segments, creating a truly customized experience. To fuel their growth, EspriGas engaged Woden, a narrative agency in Philadelphia.

Woden’s engagement with EspriGas helped them clarify their core messaging — a vital process for engaging their diverse network of suppliers and transforming these suppliers into advocates for EspriGas, while simultaneously speaking to their customer base. Through the proprietary, research-driven StoryKernel process, Woden helped EspriGas define the proper strategic positioning to satisfy this dual purpose and aid a greater range of both organizations and suppliers.  “We have always had a strong connection with our customers, and industry-leading service,” said Mike Walsh. “Woden helped us evolve our story to better engage our supplier network, and strengthen our core differentiator and better connect all of our most important stakeholders.”

Woden implemented this messaging through the StoryGuide. This document clarifies how to use each aspect of EspriGas’s business to communicate the value of its customized gas supply experience – and ensures that all audiences see EspriGas as the transparent partner to guarantee that gas needs are met in the most efficient and reliable way for all parties.

For the team at Woden, this was a particularly engaging partnership. Partner Ed Lynes commented, “EspriGas is the leader in an industry that most people simply take for granted. Helping them tell a clearer, more compelling story goes beyond their own growth — it ensures facilities and consumers across the country benefit from the vital gasses they need.”

EspriGas is already putting the StoryGuide’s recommendations into practice as they continue to develop their content marketing strategy and corporate culture, aligning their internal and external stakeholders. The StoryKernel will inform their new messaging strategy and serve as the framework for an even smoother, responsive, transparent experience for gas suppliers and customers alike.