DreamHack and Caffeine Announce Global Streaming Partnership

Staff Report From Metro Atlanta CEO

Wednesday, April 17th, 2019

DreamHack, the premier gaming and digital lifestyle festival, has signed a media partnership with Caffeine, a new social broadcasting platform for live gaming, esports, and sports. The new partnership will ensure all DreamHack Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and DOTA 2events are streamed live and will feature a newly-created and DreamHack-dedicated Caffeine show — “Overtime” — throughout 2019. “Overtime” will debut LIVE, April 19-21, from DreamHack Open Rio 2019 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).
“Overtime” shows will air at additional live-streamed events globally, including: CORSAIR DreamHack Masters in Dallas, Texas (June 2019) and Malmö, Sweden (October 2019); as well as and DreamHack Open events in Atlanta, Georgia (November 2019), Tours, France (May 2019), Summer and Winter(Jönköping, Sweden), Rotterdam, Netherlands (October 2019) and Sevilla, Spain (December 2019).

The new “Overtime” show will be an entertaining and social way to follow DreamHack events, including behind-the-scenes footage, guest interviews, live interaction with the streaming audience and never-before-seen footage. In total, DreamHack will broadcast 10 DreamHack pro tournaments of CS:GO and DOTA 2 live, including: one of the world's most-watched CS:GO arena events, DreamHack Masters; the world’s leading pro/am circuit, CS:GO DreamHack Open; and one of the most-watched Dota 2 leagues ever.

Founded in 1994, DreamHack has become one of the world’s largest hosts and organizers of professional esports. Gamers around the world have become famous by winning over $17,000,000 in prizes at LAN tournaments, festivals, and standalone events.
Anybody can live host a DreamHack stream on Caffeine. The platform includes easy-to-use tools that have hosts up and running with livestreams in minutes. It is a one-click process that requires no special software or experience, just a smartphone or browser and webcam. All live streams are discoverable through the Caffeine lobby and can be joined by anybody. Unlike other platforms, Caffeine streams prioritize conversations between friends, so the chat feels more personal.
“We are extremely excited to sign this content partnership with Caffeine as we have followed their entry to the streaming market closely and been very excited about their new and innovative product offering,” said DreamHack CEO Marcus Lindmark. “DreamHack and Caffeine share the same vision to make esports viewer experience more social and interactive. Their broadcasting platform creates new ways to consume esports content, and DreamHack can reach new fans and gamers globally with our distribution.”

“We are giving viewers a better way to experience DreamHack’s CS:GO and Dota 2 events,” said Caffeine Founder and CEO Ben Keighran. “With our real-time video platform, DreamHack fans will now be able to experience these events as if they’re in the arena and with their friends online.”

The first official DreamHack event on Caffeine — DreamHack Open Rio 2019 — will air April 19-21. In addition to the traditional broadcast, Caffeine will also feature several streamers who will be hosting their own live shows featuring the DreamHack content.

Caffeine, which is still in pre-release, features an expanding catalog of live gaming and esports content. In addition to the 10 DreamHack events available this year, Caffeine recently announced the availability of the EA SPORTS FIFA 19 Global Series on the platform.  Caffeine also sponsors esports teams Misfits Gaming and Natus Vincere. Both teams host multiple weekly live streams on Caffeine where fans can interact with players directly as they play their favorite games and prepare for upcoming tournaments. Caffeine also features regular shows from streamers like The Game, Ohmwrecker, CaRtOoNz, Pack A Puncher, Bucks, Sceptic and more each week.