Dunwoody Realtor Leads Local Investment Firm to Become a National Publicly Traded Company

Staff Report From Metro Atlanta CEO

Monday, December 2nd, 2019

Greg Bankston has served as a Realtor in North Atlanta for over 20 yrs. An Atlanta native, Bankston partnered with his wife and the two have worked passionately to help Atlanta residents find the home of their dreams and/or the perfect commercial site for their business. Today Bankston is putting on a new
hat as the leader of a national public company to be traded on the public market.

Three years prior, Bankston came on board as managing partner of UC Asset, a real estate investment company committed to becoming an integral part of the city’s new development. Securing properties in North and West Atlanta for the company’s portfolio, Bankston helped UC Asset to grow from $2 MM of AUM to almost $10 MM of AUM in only three years, and its net equity has grown from $1.16 per share to about $1.49 per share.

After a successful mini-IPO, UC Asset is scheduled to be listed on OTCQX, a national public market where the stocks of many giants, such as Adidas, Heineken, Air Canada and Walmart Mexico are also traded. The trading symbol of UC Asset is UCASU, and its initial trading price will be $2.00 per share.

UC Asset will become one of the smaller public companies on the same market, but Bankston and his partner, Larry Wu, are confident that it will grow to become one of the big names someday.

“Our goal is to build a billion-dollar portfolio bringing UC Asset public allows us to achieve this goal. We see an opportunity to become a major contributor to Atlanta and its surrounding communities. Over the past 7 years Atlanta has seen tremendous growth as many large corporations have relocated their headquarters here. Communities that were once impoverished are now seeing tremendous growth, but the caveat to growth is gentrification. UC Asset will be instrumental in helping our communities flourish by creating a balance of affordable housing along with strategically planned business opportunities within these communities,” Bankston says.