Cobb Chamber and Cobb Travel & Tourism Launch Workforce Matching Effort

Staff Report From Metro Atlanta CEO

Thursday, March 26th, 2020

The Cobb Chamber and its economic development initiative SelectCobb are partnering with Cobb Travel & Tourism to conduct a workforce matching effort between commercial cleaning and janitorial service companies and hospitality and tourism entities. With Cobb County’s companies and organizations amplifying cleaning and sanitizing efforts, the commercial cleaning and janitorial service companies have been fielding increased requests for disinfecting services. They have realized a need for increasing their staffing, while many hotels and tourist attractions have had to conduct staff layoffs.

“Recognizing the opportunity for collaboration and community support, we reached out to Cobb Travel & Tourism (CT&T) to connect our commercial cleaning and janitorial service members with local hotels. Our goal is to address the workforce needs of both industries and keep more people employed during this difficult economic time,” said Sharon Mason, President and CEO of the Cobb Chamber. “As more companies and homeowners begin calling for disinfecting services, there will be higher demand and additional workforce needs will arise.”

With the hospitality and tourism industry grinding to a halt across Cobb County and the country, an immediate, negative ripple effect is causing hotels to furlough or layoff a large number of their employees. Based on current occupancy estimates, the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) estimates four million total jobs have been eliminated already or are on the verge of being lost in the next few weeks.

“Today, the hospitality industry is being challenged in unprecedented ways, with many hotels and organizations furloughing or laying off large numbers of employees,” said Holly Quinlan, president & CEO of Cobb Travel & Tourism. “Connecting former hospitality employees with cleaning / janitorial companies who are accepting applications through workforce matching is an important way that Cobb Travel & Tourism and the Cobb Chamber are helping to keep people employed. These efforts meet an immediate need for two different industries that can support each other during challenging times. The outreach has been greatly appreciated; the response from the hospitality community has been overwhelmingly positive.”

“Finding new ways to collaborate, like workforce matching, just strengthens the longstanding partnership between CT&T and the Cobb Chamber and demonstrates how each organization’s outreach compliments the others. CT&T looks forward to continuing to partner with the Cobb Chamber on new and progressive projects and initiatives,” said Quinlan.

The following commercial cleaning and janitorial service companies are participating in this workforce matching effort:

AA Top Home Care

All Pro Cleaning Systems

Diamond Glow Cleaning


PCT Clean

The Service Fort

South Property Partners

Stratus Building Solutions of Atlanta