Resource Branding Named Associate Firm of the Year by NAIOP

Wednesday, January 13th, 2021

Resource Branding, a brand development and experiential graphic design studio, has been named the 2020 Associate Firm of Year by NAIOP Georgia. 
The National Association of Industrial and Office Properties (NAIOP) gives this annual honor to the firm that has most significantly elevated the commercial real estate industry in Georgia. To earn this prestigious recognition, Resource Branding worked alongside NAIOP Georgia to launch two new philanthropic initiatives in 2020, tied together by the unifying theme of “Forward Together.”
“It was an obvious choice for us to call on Resource Branding, who had helped thoughtfully curate and put together the Forward Together campaign, the mantra we live by today,” said NAIOP Georgia President Jeanette Meyers. “For both of these initiatives, this team spent countless hours in helping us craft just the right message for our diversity campaign, and also developing just the right brand for the Together We Care campaign.”
Resource initially developed the Forward Together campaign several years ago but revitalized the messaging and imagery this year. The events of 2020 made it clear that the mantra needed to take on additional meaning in respect to the social justice movement. NAIOP turned to Resource to help define what “Together” meant to the organization and help communicate that if NAIOP truly aims to uplift the city and state that they serve, they must first reflect it in their membership.
“It’s always an honor to partner with NAIOP because of the tremendous impact they have on our community,” said Jae Robbins, president of Resource. “It’s truly a testament to the meaningful initiatives NAIOP undertakes as well as the thoughtfulness of the work our team produces that the Forward Together message can continue to deepen in its significance. We cherish this distinction from NAIOP because we know the work they do will strengthen where we live. We are proud to be a part of that.”
Resource Branding also produced the “Together We Care” campaign. This initiative benefitted the Atlanta Community Food Bank in a time of great need with the pandemic. Their work involved the campaign naming and brand development as well as all of the promotional materials including social media initiatives and interactive maps showing the food drive drop-off locations. Given the pressing urgency of the event, Resource pulled off the challenging task of completing the full campaign in just three short weeks.
Countless individuals have given their time and money to this wonderful cause and it’s truly inspiring to have the opportunity to use our talents in collaboration with them.” Robbins said.