Atlanta Braves name Bob Burkhardt the 2021 Walter Banks Hospitality Award Recipient

Thursday, September 30th, 2021

Walter Banks and the Atlanta Braves have named Bob Burkhardt the 2021 Walter Banks Hospitality Award recipient. The award is given annually to a staff member who exemplifies extraordinary guest service in the mold of longtime Braves employee Walter Banks, who has been with the organization for 56 seasons.

A 24-year gameday staff veteran, Burkhardt currently serves as Senior Camera Operator on the Braves Fan Experience, production team. Burkhardt is a dedicated and committed employee who helps each camera operator and host prepare by leveraging his expertise to enhance their interviews and highlight reels. Thousands of fans have found themselves on BravesVision thanks to Burkhardt.

Through his many years with the organization, Burkhardt has been a mentor to every new BravesVision employee. He trains them on technical equipment and cameras and teaches them how to create the best experience for fans. He goes above and beyond to give Braves fans the best experience possible by paying particular attention to their stories and going out of his way to make their day special.

Burkhardt was surprised with news of receiving the award on a call with Mr. Banks on Wednesday, September 22nd. The Braves will honor Burkhardt with a pregame ceremony on Tuesday, September 28th.

“Bob has always been behind the scenes making the fan experience come to life for guests at Braves games,” said Walter Banks. “He has a knack for connecting them to the game whether it is their 1st game or 1,000th game.”

The Walter Banks Hospitality Award, established in 2017, is given to the staff member who demonstrates the specific qualities of service, dedication, personalization, selflessness and hospitality that guests have come to identify with Banks.

Previous winners of the award include Alex Harris, 2020, Katelyn Shearron, 2019, Katie Hearn, 2018, and Jon Vazquez, 2017.