Blue Ink Title to Join Ganek PC

Thursday, March 17th, 2022

Ganek PC, a top residential and commercial real estate and title insurance and closing solution, is proud to announce its newest partnership with Blue Ink Title. Starting April 15, Blue Ink Title will become Ganek Kirkwood with Blue Ink Title Founder Mehrnush Saadat joining Ganek PC as an Associate Partner and Managing Attorney.  

Saadat has served the Atlanta real estate community since 2015. Coming together to form Ganek Kirkwood means more staff members, support and closing locations for Blue Ink Title clients. Since they met four years ago, Saadat and Ganek Poncey-Highland Managing Partner and Principal Mimi McCain have collaborated with each other for years.  

“I wouldn’t have partnered with anyone else,” Saadat said. “It’s important to me that all of my clients know that a merger with Ganek will only continue and improve the high level of customer service that they have come to expect, appreciate and value from Blue Ink.” 

McCain said there is great value in adding Mehrnush to the Ganek family. 

“Mehrnush is bright, creative and entrepreneurial,” McCain said. “She has incredible relationships with agents, builders, buyers and sellers in metro Atlanta and has a great presence in Kirkwood. Now, as a member of the Ganek family, we are thrilled to provide high-level administrative support to her team as we work together to instill even more value and customer support for her clients and Realtor partners.” 

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