St. Vincent de Paul Georgia and HOPE Atlanta, form Strategic Partnership

Friday, August 25th, 2023

In an inspiring step towards combating food insecurity and hunger, St. Vincent de Paul Georgia and HOPE Atlanta, two organizations that have each served Georgians in crisis for more than 120 years, are thrilled to announce their strategic partnership. This collaborative effort will pool resources, promote efficiency and expertise in order to make a significant impact on the lives of individuals and families facing food challenges in the community.

Food insecurity remains a pressing issue that affects countless lives, with the recent expiration of COVID-era benefits further exacerbating the situation. Understanding the urgency of the matter, St. Vincent de Paul Georgia and HOPE Atlanta have united their efforts to create a holistic and comprehensive approach to addressing this critical concern.

“This partnership will enable our two organizations to pool resources, share knowledge and expertise, and amplify our collective impact in providing essential services to those in need. Together, we will work tirelessly to provide immediate relief and sustainable solutions to those facing homelessness and hunger in our Georgia community,” stated Mike Mies, Executive Director of St. Vincent de Paul Georgia.

The partnership between HOPE Atlanta and St. Vincent de Paul Georgia arises from a shared commitment and vision to serve the community and a mutual understanding that their individual missions can be more effectively realized through collaboration. By leveraging each other's strengths and resources, this partnership aims to expand reach, improve services and ultimately, make a more substantial positive impact on the lives of those they serve.

Julio Carrillo, Chief Executive Officer of HOPE Atlanta shared, “This collaboration is a testament to the shared values and commitment of both organizations to make a meaningful difference and bring about significant positive change in the lives of those we serve. We believe that this partnership is a crucial step in executing our newly-adopted strategic plan, which includes leveraging community partnerships. We continue to explore other innovative ways in which we can partner with St. Vincent de Paul and other organizations to achieve our shared vision.”

By combining HOPE Atlanta's extensive experience in homelessness prevention and housing assistance with St. Vincent de Paul's wide-ranging support services and resources, this partnership will not only offer more comprehensive aid to those in need, but also work towards systemic solutions to issues of homelessness and food insecurity. The overarching goal is to enhance the quality and efficiency of services provided, promote greater equity and social inclusion and foster a more resilient and supportive community.