Georgia Credit Unions Affiliates Host Business Leaders from Dominican Republic

Thressea Boyd

Monday, June 22nd, 2015

Georgia Credit Union Affiliates (GCUA) will host a group of business leaders from the Dominican Foundation for Social and Cooperative Development (FUNDESCOOP) in Atlanta June 22-24. The visitors represent financial and non-financial cooperatives in the Dominican Republic. 

Established in 2007, FUNDESCOOP is a non-profit group devoted to finding solutions to social and business needs in the Dominican Republic.

According to the FUNDESCOOP website, the foundation serves as “an institutional platform to facilitate consultation and implementation initiatives and networking programs aimed at strengthening business and social management of cooperative as well as environmental protection.”

The group will meet with representatives from Platinum Federal Credit Union (Duluth), 1st Choice Credit Union (Atlanta), and United 1st Connectional Federal Credit Union (Marietta). FUNDESCOOP members will also spend time with Mike Mercer, GCUA CEO. 

“The delegation sought a study tour in the Atlanta metro area to explore how credit unions, specifically smaller credit unions, can be sustainable and compete with larger financial institutions,” said Brandee Bickle, GCUA Senior Advocacy Officer. “While the entire state of Georgia has a wonderful population of credit unions, these three were selected specifically for their location in the Atlanta area and their unique backgrounds to provide a diverse learning experience for the delegation.”

The FUNDESCOOP visit is part of GCUA’s mission to support educational programs and economic development opportunities that connect credit union representatives with financial institutions and business partners around the country and internationally. 

“Georgia Credit Union Affiliates is delighted to host this international delegation to help grow the cooperative system around the world, and it speaks volumes on the credit union industry in this state that they chose to conduct their study tour in Georgia,” said Bickle. “We look forward to the opportunity to learn from each other and share how credit unions utilize a variety of partnerships and strategies to help people afford life. 

With approximately two million credit union members in Georgia, GCUA offers advocacy, educational programs and marketing support for Georgia’s 133 credit unions. Supporting international visitors allows the GCUA to improve the financial well-being of families in Georgia and worldwide.  

“Credit unions around the world are dedicated to improving the financial well-being of individuals and families,” said Bickle. “It is very common for credit unions to work together for the betterment of consumers, and engaging with the delegation is just a continuation of what makes a credit union unique. It is a willingness to share ideas, thoughts and information with each other to help people afford life.” 

For more information, contact GCUA at 770-476-9625 or visit the website at