Concierges, Pools and Historic Buildings Are Atlanta's Most Popular Rental Listing Amenities

Staff Report From Metro Atlanta CEO

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017

Concierges, pools, historic buildings, grills and clubrooms are Atlanta's top five most popular rental amenities compared to other big cities, according to HotPads.

HotPads, an apartment and home search platform for renters in urban areas across the United States, analyzed Atlanta apartment listing descriptions in the first half of 2017 to identify the top amenities and determine how the most popular listing amenities changed over the past year.

Concierges are booming in popularity in Atlanta, where over 17 percent of rental listings mention them as an amenity. In comparison, only about 4.5 percent of rental listings in other major cities mention a concierge as an offering. Other popular amenities in the city, including historic buildings, hardwood floors, skyline views and exposed brick, indicate that Atlanta renters gravitate toward trendy aesthetics and luxury features.

"Atlanta renters are interested in apartments with classic urban style, and we're seeing the apartment industry step up to provide those features," said Douglas Pope, co-founder and general manager of HotPads. "They're featuring buildings that have old-city charm on the outside but sleek and updated features on the inside. The mixture of old and new is really popular in urban design right now, and Atlanta apartments a are really on top of that trend."

The city of Atlanta is comprised of approximately 119,900 renter households. The median rental list price in Atlanta is $1,750.

In addition to high-end features, the analysis found that temperature plays an important role in which amenities Atlanta residents prefer compared to renters in other cities. Features that allow renters to make the most of sunny weather, such as pools and grills, were popular in Atlanta's listings – both amenities appear in listings almost twice as often in Atlanta as they do in other major urban areas.

Meanwhile, warm features such as heaters and fireplaces are among Atlanta's less popular amenities compared to other major cities. Space-saving features like basements and storage space were also less popular with local renters, appearing in only about 2 percent and 17 percent of listings respectively.