Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms Launches Fight the Blight Initiative

Staff Report From Metro Atlanta CEO

Monday, April 9th, 2018

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms announced the launch of her ‘Fight the Blight’ initiative in Southwest Atlanta.  Mayor Bottoms kicked off the initiative with the demolition of six dilapidated and blighted single-family properties. Joined by Councilmember Andrea Boone in the historic neighborhood of Collier Heights, located in District 10 and Councilmember Marci Collier Overstreet in District 11, the initiative highlights the Administration’s commitment to improving public safety, economic development, and the opportunity for greenspace expansion.

“By demolishing neglected and abandoned properties, we can restore pride in our communities,” said Mayor Bottoms. “This initiative is an important step forward in fulfilling my Administration's commitment to creating clean, safe and thriving neighborhoods for all of our residents."

The term "blight" describes a wide array of problems that can range from physical deterioration of buildings (residential and commercial) to the lack of maintenance of land. Blighted and abandoned properties also create public safety hazards and are often havens for criminal activity. Mayor Bottoms' proactive approach to targeting blight is grounded in building long-term sustainable neighborhoods.  The 'Fight the Blight' initiative will enhance opportunities for new housing developments, small businesses and smart enterprises that will connect and serve residents beyond cleanup efforts and enhance the overall climate for economic development in the City of Atlanta.

“The demolition of one of the properties today has been in discussion for six years, and in less than 90 days we were able to get this dangerous eyesore out of the community,” said Councilmember Andrea Boone, District 10. “It is time to invest in Southwest and this week’s demolitions are an example of our long-term plan to foster and implement economic development programs throughout the district.”

Mayor Bottoms' commitment to tackling blighted and abandoned properties began while she served as Councilmember for District 11.  During her tenure on the Atlanta City Council, Mayor Bottoms demolished a number of blighted properties including Allison Courts, an abandoned multi-family structure in Southwest Atlanta.

The Administration expects to demolish additional blighted properties within the next 7-10 days.

The first six demolished properties include:

District 10:

3714 Collier Drive
Atlanta, GA 30331

3648 Saturn Drive NW

Atlanta, GA 30331

217 Wynnwood Drive SW

Atlanta, GA 30331

District 11:

1944 Kimberley Drive
Atlanta, GA 30331

4341 Wallace Avenue SW

Atlanta, GA 30331

2398 Herring Road SW

Atlanta, GA 30331