AT&T to Bring Mobile 5G to Atlanta in 2018

Staff Report From Metro Atlanta CEO

Friday, September 28th, 2018

AT&T plans to introduce real standards-based mobile 5G to customers in 12 cities this year, reaching a total of at least 19 cities in early 2019. Atlanta is on the list of cities to get the mobile 5G network in 2018.
We use our mobile devices for everything these days, and the data proves it. In the past 7 years, mobile data usage on our network has increased by more than 360,000%, primarily driven by the rise in video applications. 222 Petabytes of data crosses our network every day – 1 Petabyte is 4x the contents of the entire Library of Congress – which is more than double what it was 24 months ago.
And we don’t expect the growth to slow down.  It’s why we’ve invested in the best network according to American’s biggest test to add next generation technologies like 5G Evolution to Atlanta in advance of mobile 5G. 5G Evolution markets are locations where we’ve deployed technologies that enable a peak theoretical speed for capable devices of at least 400 megabits per second. FN
We expect 5G will be faster than LTE and, while speed is important, we also expect to see much lower latency rates. With higher speeds and lower latency rates, our mobile 5G network will eventually unlock a number of new, exciting experiences for our customers.
“The strength of Atlanta’s economy relies on innovation, investment and engagement,” said Atlanta City Council President Felicia Moore. “AT&T’s constant innovation and robust investment in our great city – from the deployment of modern infrastructure to the giving of impactful volunteer hours – offers enhanced opportunities across all segments of our economy and a brighter future for all Atlantans.”
“Our customers are the reason AT&T exists. And, being a part of enhancing and connecting their lives with new technology and services is why we are here,” said Bill Leahy, president of AT&T Georgia. “The significant investments AT&T is making in Metro Atlanta allows our over 15,000 AT&T Atlanta employees who call this great city home to expand our fiber and wireless networks and bring a host of new, innovative opportunities to keep communities and first responders connected, drive economic growth and spur job creation.”

The success of mobile 5G will rely on a quality fiber connection to the wireless towers and small cells, which then translate the fiber connection into an ultra-fast wireless signal for customers. By expanding our 100% fiber network in Atlanta, now offering an ultra-fast internet connection powered by AT&T Fiber to 750,000 area locations, we’ve built a solid foundation for the future of 5G.
When we start introducing mobile 5G later this year, it will give customers in Atlanta even more capacity, speed, and bandwidth that will open new experiences. It will also reduce network latency or “lag time.”
At some point in the future, we expect that 5G will improve latency even more, enabling people to do things like stream 4K videos, enjoy mobile gaming without worrying about buffering, and experience AR/VR without being tethered to a super-computer processor. 5G also will also enable live-maps and sensors that will play a big role in enabling autonomous cars.
We’ve invested more than $3.1 billion in Atlanta-area wireless and wired networks during 2015-2017. These investments bring the latest in connectivity and boost reliability, coverage, speed and overall performance for residents and businesses. They also improve critical services that support public safety and first responders.
In 2017, AT&T made more than 2,700 wireless network upgrades in Metro Atlanta. These include the construction and activation of 22 new cell sites, boosting network capacity and new wireless high-speed internet connections.