goBeyondProfit and Georgia CEO Finalizing Corporate Philanthropy Research

Staff Report

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019

goBeyondProfit, a not-for-profit initiative encouraging all Georgia businesses to prioritize community engagement, is conducting statewide corporate trend research in partnership with Georgia CEO.  The survey will wrap up this week.

The research will benchmark and help guide goBeyondProfit’s campaign to demonstrate how generosity benefits both the community and the company.   

The dual research will capture Georgia business leaders’ perceptions and expectations about businesses’ community outreach efforts.  A simultaneous comparative survey is underway asking Georgia-based employees what they expect and value of employers’ philanthropy.

“The results will provide insights into the business leader mindset about what is effective and drives value,” explains goBeyondProfit Executive Director Megan McCamey.  “And we’re eager to see how leaders’ responses do or don’t line up with employee expectations.”  

Business leaders who choose to participate in the anonymous survey can sign up to receive the findings in advance of their public unveiling via Georgia CEO.   The survey link is accessible here.