Creature Comforts Honored With the goBeyondProfit Champion Award

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Tuesday, February 11th, 2020

Today Creature Comforts Brewing Co. CEO Chris Herron and staff were presented with the goBeyondProfit Champion Award. They earned this rare honor for their strategic efforts to benefit their community and company by cultivating company culture, deploying company resources and focusing on community empowerment.

The award-winning Georgia brewery has embedded unique, strategic approaches to community outreach from its inception. “Since we opened our doors, the founding team members shared a hope that our community would benefit as a result of us operating here and established that as one of the founding pillars of this company,” explained Creature Comforts CEO Chris Herron.

Creature Comforts’ unique approach lies in being data-driven about social issues, partnering with the most effective experts and agencies, and being community-centric rather than cause-centric to stay open to dynamic needs. In this way they have activated programs committed to helping people survive (Get Comfortable) and thrive (Get Artistic), both proven necessary to foster a happy and healthy community.

“Creature Comforts sets a terrific example that companies should understand their strengths when it comes to corporate generosity and solving community needs,” explains goBeyondProfit founder Rick Jackson. “They use their strengths -- including convening people and using data to set strategy – as a multiplying force to align needed experts and partners in solving the highest priority issues.”

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goBeyondProfit was launched by business leaders, for business leaders, as a visible statewide alliance providing peer and expert insights into elevating community engagement for highest business and community impacts. Every Georgia business, from sole proprietors to Fortune 500s, is invited to join. To submit a nomination for future goBeyondProfit Champions, visit the goBeyondProfit website and nomination form.