Atlanta #5 of Top Cities for Gen Z Techies

Thursday, April 20th, 2023

As new "Silicon" hubs pop up across the nation, there's been some talk about which city will be the next big tech hub. These cities can't just be meccas for tech moguls and venture capitalists but also a place for the next generation of tech geniuses to thrive

So, in a new study from Jotform, they've found the Top Cities in the U.S. for Gen Z Techies and Atlanta ranks #5! 

Of the top 10, Atlanta's average tech salaries are some of the highest coming in 2nd only to Newark, NJ. However, considering the strength of the dollar in Atlanta ($102.15) vs. in Newark ($79.55), Atlanta is likely the better bet.

% Population Gen Z: 32.6
Average Tech Salary: $118,100
Median Monthly Rent: $1,227
Actual Value of $100: $102.15

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