Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation Rebrand and Next Decade of Giving

Staff Report

Wednesday, June 14th, 2023

As it embarks upon its next chapter of philanthropy, the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation has unveiled new areas of giving, a new brand identity and deeper involvement from Blank family members. Through a multiyear strategic planning process, Blank family members serving on the foundation’s board of directors identified five primary areas of giving for the next decade: Atlanta’s Westside, Democracy, Environment, Mental Health and Well-Being, and Youth Development. As part of its evolved strategy, the foundation is introducing a redesigned brand identity that reflects the impact it seeks to create and its vision for the future. 

“Our family has a deep interest in addressing the varying challenges of our time and contributing to a society where everyone can prosper,” said Arthur M. Blank, chairman, Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation. “We believe individuals can improve and repair the world through kindness and community, and as our world changes, so must the way we contribute to solutions. Over the past few years, we have come together as a family to determine the areas we feel most passionately about and where our hearts are drawn to, and we look forward to leaning into these complex but meaningful areas,” Blank continued. “Together with our nonprofit partners, community and business leaders, and other funders we look forward to continuing to find ways of serving those around us as we enhance the future of our family foundation.” 

The Blank Family Foundation board of directors has embraced a culture of learning, where the family shapes and approves high-level strategy and goals after hearing from field experts with varying points of view across the spectrum of giving areas. The family’s philanthropy is focused, with an orientation toward outcomes and a willingness to make bold moves to address the most urgent issues of our day. Geographically, much of the work across the five giving areas will continue to prioritize Georgia, with a focus on Atlanta, and Montana, where the foundation’s chairman owns several ranches, while also considering the potential for greater national impact and influence. 

“This is a momentous time at the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation as we build our next chapter of giving,” said Fay Twersky, president, Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation. “Our board of directors has made a commitment to accelerate our philanthropy, and with these new giving areas, we are addressing urgent problems in an urgent fashion. As we develop and execute our new strategies over the next decade, we will reach across differences, listen to understand, make new connections and build stronger relationships. We are thrilled to begin this new chapter with a fresh, energetic brand identity inspired by the themes of thriving community, connection and togetherness.”

The foundation’s evolved mission is to unite the courage and compassion of our communities to take on tough challenges and thrive together. The new visual brand identity reflects the vision of a world where sustainable and inclusive communities thrive and is underpinned by the Blank family’s Core Values. The new design system, which includes new logos, color palettes, photography, typography and illustrations, honors the foundation’s history while bravely bringing the story of collective thriving to life. This marks the first significant change to the foundation’s brand identity in more than two decades.

The foundation has set strategies and begun grantmaking for Atlanta’s Westside, Environment, and Mental Health and Well-Being. Strategy setting is currently underway for Democracy and Youth Development, with the first set of grants expected by the end of 2023. 

In addition to these areas of giving, the foundation maintains a significant portfolio of founder-led giving based on the chairman’s personal interests and will continue its enduring commitment to the issues and relationships he cares deeply about, including the support of Atlanta and Montana nonprofit institutions, veterans and the military, and stuttering, among others. The foundation also leads giving areas for each of the for-profit businesses in Blank’s portfolio, including a unique associate-led giving program, serving as an example of how philanthropy and business can combine for social good. 

More information about the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation’s areas of giving can be found at its new website,