The Lola Appoints Dana Xavier Dojnik as CEO to Foster Growth of Atlanta's Leading Diverse Women's Community and Coworking Hub

Monday, September 25th, 2023

The Lola announced that Dana Xavier Dojnik will be named Chief Executive Officer, effective October 1, 2023. 

Following her role as Chief Operating Officer at CreateATL, a collaborative and equitable space for small businesses in Southwest Atlanta, Dana Xavier Dojnik's upcoming stewardship of The Lola marks a pivotal transition for The Lola. Her leadership approach is characterized by authenticity, collaboration, active community involvement, and inclusivity, which align seamlessly with The Lola's core principles.

Furthermore, Dana brings with her a wealth of experience accumulated over more than two decades, during which she has excelled in building dynamic teams at 22squared and BBDO, led the development of 5000+ hotels’ digital content at InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) and delved deep into immersive technology (AR/VR) as the first female Partner at Foundry 45. This background positions her to make a substantial impact at The Lola.

As Dana takes over the helm, she will continue focusing on diverse Membership growth, forging new partnerships and introducing new experiences to enrich The Lola community. 

“I am thrilled to continue on my journey with The Lola, where our primary focus 

remains on providing a nurturing environment for women, guided by the belief that 
by uplifting the most underserved and under-supported in our community, we 
will all benefit.” says Dana. 

Eileen Lee and Martine Resnick, the Co-Founders of The Lola will both remain owners and actively engaged in The Lola community. Eileen will step into the role of Board Chair to ensure the continuity of The Lola’s mission and to foster intentional inclusivity in our brand and culture. Martine will also remain on the board, with a specific focus on digital sales, marketing and new revenue opportunities.

“Dana's community involvement over the past 12 months at The Lola and her former 
experience aligns beautifully with her new leadership responsibilities at The Lola, and 
I am excited to support her as Board Chair as she leads our community into a thriving 
future,” says Eileen Lee, Co-founder of The Lola. 

Co-founder, Martine Resnick: 

“Reflecting on our early vision for The Lola, which remains steadfast, we aimed to 
create an inclusive space to support and empower women both professionally and personally. We never imagined just a few years on we’d have a vibrant community of 1000s of women, a Membership with more than 50% women of color, aged from 25 to 80+ from across a multitude of industries and backgrounds with an impressive range of expertise.

We have a thriving digital platform / mobile app facilitating connections from new business partnerships and co-founders to new clients and life-long relationships. Including an incredible support system in our Lola team, Board of Advisors, investors, key partners and our powerful network of nine Community Managers, without whom none of this would have been possible.”