KSU Student-led TEDx 2016 Features Discussion of the “Unknown” Saturday April 16th

Staff Report From Metro Atlanta CEO

Monday, April 11th, 2016

For the second year, Kennesaw State University’s student-led TEDx 2016 will feature more than a dozen students, faculty and staff presenting a TED-like experience that includes live entertainment, dynamic speakers and videos to spark discussions and connections with the community. TEDx 2016, an offshoot of the popular TED Talks held around the country, will be held Saturday, April 16, in the Sturgis Library. Hosted by Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students Michael L. Sanseviro, the theme of the all-day event is “The Unknown.”

An exploration of “The Unknown” is the theme of TEDx 2016, an all-day annual event organized by Kennesaw State University students to share thought-provoking ideas and live entertainment. Registration, which includes food, beverages and goody bags, is $15. Click here to register by April 13.

·       Kevin Gecowets, director, Center for University Learning: Dealing with constant change
·       Robin Mathis, lecturer, School of Communication and Media: When doing your job feels wrong
·       Ryder Deaton, student, Bachelor’s in Business and Engineering: Updates to renewable energy sources
·       Margarert Edinburgh, student, Master in Integrative Studies: Rejuvenating and encouraging our elders
·       Karen Hypolite, assistant professor of chemistry, College of Science and Mathematics: S.T.E.M. pathways to reveal the unknown

·       C. Dupe, an Atlanta-based hip-hop artist, who has performed at Apache Cafe
·       Bandi Orchestra, whose unique sound incorporates such genres as classical, Latin, West African and Persian
·       Shawn Allison, a Kennesaw magician whose best magic trick is changing someone’s perspective on life