Coming Soon: ACA Deadlines

Staff Report

Thursday, January 12th, 2017

Affordable Care Act reporting deadlines are fast approaching!  What is your Affordable Care Act Reporting Solution?

The IRS deadlines for Affordable Care Act information reporting on calendar year 2016 are as follows:

  • 1095s postmarked to employees/responsible individuals: March 2nd, 2017

  • If mailing the 1094/1095s to the IRS (employers with less than 250 forms are eligible to submit their information returns to the IRS via USPS first class mail): February 28th, 2017

  • If filing the 1094/1095s to the IRS electronically (which all subscribers to the ACA Management Tool® are able to do): March 31st, 2017

IRS recently published Notice 2016-70 that provides employers with an automatic extension for postmarking the 1095B or 1095C forms to employees.  The new date is March 2, 2017.  This notice did NOT extend the due dates for filing with the IRS.

Will you be ready to distribute Form 1095 to your employees in March?

ACA Management Tool is ready to help you report!  ACA Management Tool is an industry leading SaaS product that quickly and easily integrates with an employer's existing software systems. There is no need to convert existing payroll systems, human resource information systems, scheduling, or time and attendance software.

Subscribers to the ACA Management Tool can also purchase an optional "Print, Pack & Mail" package.  For just $2.00 per Form 1095, ACA GPS will mail the forms to employees/responsible individuals via First Class USPS mail.

100% of ACA Management Tool subscribers met the deadlines for distribution of the 1095 forms and electronic filing the 1094/1095 forms with the IRS for reporting on Tax Year 2015.  

ACA GPS is authorized to transmit all 1094/1095 B and C submissions to the IRS for private businesses, government entities and insurance companies.  One Tool does it all – the ACA Management Tool.

Will you be ready to distribute and file the ACA Forms?

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