Columbus-based NPM Properties Announces TornadoFree Weather Alert App

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Monday, September 11th, 2017

NPM Properties Inc. has released a one of a kind lifesaving application called TornadoFree. Not only does it give an alert for a tornado, it provides a map to safety. This revolutionary new app will literally put the power to save lives right in the palm of your hand.

"On January 22 of this year we had a massive tornado hit Albany, GA and destroy one of our parks, Big Pine Estates. Tragically, three lives were lost," said Pat McKee of NPM Properties Inc. Mr. McKee, the principal owner of Big Pine Estates took it upon himself to develop a system, at his own expense, that would help people that are in harm's way find a path to safety.

TornadoFree, available for free, gives iPhone, iPad and Android smart device users instant alerts when a tornado is on the ground and moving in their direction. The app is different than all other severe weather alert apps in that it not only alerts an individual of an oncoming tornado, but also provides a mapped route out of the path and into safety.  While running in the background of a smart device, an audible "Warning Alert" is sounded and a "Map Me Out" button will lead the individual out on the safest route via mapping software.

"The alerts in TornadoFree will give you the precious time you need to exit the path and the 'Map Me Out' button will save lives," said Pat McKee of NPM Properties Inc. "Now, people can be alerted and get out to a place of safety. No more surprises or guessing. This will save lives."

Features of the TornadoFree include:

* Protection 24/7/365 via mobile device

* Ample warning to exit the tornado path

* Easy "Map Me Out" button leads you to safety

* Field tested reliability and design using latest Weather Radar Technology

TornadoFree can be found in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store for Android by searching for TornadoFree.