CAG Becomes a Developer Sponsor of the Georgia Manufacturing Alliance

Staff Report From Metro Atlanta CEO

Monday, December 11th, 2017

Centurion Advisory Group, a leader in retirement plan management, has signed on as a Developer Sponsor of the Georgia Manufacturing Alliance. CAG is a fee-only advisory, management, and consulting services organization which serves plan sponsors and participants across the country. CAG incorporates the concept of plan management, with a focus on best practices and continuous improvement, when serving the firm’s clients. In addition, CAG serves as fiduciary to retirement plans, and as co-fiduciary to company decision makers.

“Our partnership with the Georgia Manufacturing Alliance is an ideal fit,” said Randy Brunson, co-founder and shareholder of Centurion Advisory Group. “Manufacturers focus on continuous improvement, cost containment, and well documented processes, which are hallmarks of our approach to plan management. We find this common language and approach makes for a good fit for both manufacturers and CAG, as we address the needs of both the sponsoring company, and retirement plan participants.”

Mr. Brunson is a 35+ year veteran of the financial profession, having served institutional, corporate, retirement plan, and household clients. These have included Fortune 500 corporations, as well as smaller companies who are leaders in their fields. This includes manufacturing, medical, and specialty engineering, among others. Mr. Brunson holds the Accredited Investment Fiduciary designation, and has passed the comprehensive exam for Certified Financial Planner.

“Centurion Advisory Group has been a key player in the manufacturing sector, and we are excited to continue our strategic partnership with them as a Developer Sponsor,” said Jason Moss, CEO of the Georgia Manufacturing Alliance. “They have a committed team dedicated to keeping their clients and our members informed of solutions for retirement plan management. Mr. Brunson’s unique expertise and diverse network will open a world of resources to help serve our members.”