New Barjs App Revolutionizes Product Deliveries

Staff Report From Metro Atlanta CEO

Friday, December 15th, 2017

Hill Enterprises and Logistics Associates, LLC has launched a new Barjs app that will revolutionize how consumers get products delivered when they shop. It is an entirely new way to move things. The app will allow consumers to easily schedule same-day delivery from any place to another place of their choosing. Deliveries can be big or small so whether the product is a washing machine or an office chair, consumers can click on the app to arrange delivery.
The app helps you get “deliveries your way” so that you can get purchases same-day delivered to your destination. With this innovative company, you will no longer have to miss a day of work waiting for a delivery. No appointments are necessary.
HEAL created the Barjs app to cater to small car owners in urban areas, such as the metro Atlanta area, who reconsider buying a large product. Whether you bought a couch or a large box of widgets that you want to get home or to the office, there is no longer the need to worry about whether it fits in your car. Download the Barjs app and schedule a truck to pick it up and bring it to your delivery destination. You can follow the truck to the delivery location via the app. It’s that easy!
Drivers are licensed and insured. Plus, the app offers options for bringing the item inside.