Alpharetta-Based Proffito Software Now Available for General Release

Staff Report From Metro Atlanta CEO

Monday, January 14th, 2019

Proffito Profitability brings the thin ledger management reporting concept to life. Elevate your corporate finance process to world class by deploying the only lightening fast profitability application available in the world!

Proffito Software is a suite of cloud applications for Profitability analysis, account reconciliation, and Sarbanes Oxley reporting. The applications run on the Answer-Factory platform and can be deployed on any cloud private or public.

Proffito CEO Edwin Taylor commented, "The Proffito profitability concept comes from a project Peter Doyle and I did at Amazon where we were able to dramatically improve the time to process and look at fully allocated financial statements during any period close. This project involved an application from another software vendor. The requirements from that project led to a discussion about a product that would remove all limitations and provide value to clients of companies like Infor, Workday, Salesforce and many others. We have delivered on that vision and are now ready to provide that value at a very affordable cost with a rapid implementation. Proffito has also received acceptance from the investor community and partner world. We recently entered in to a strategic relationship with ITT Capital and the Robotic Process Automation company Another Monday."

Proffito Software is part of a suite of financial analytic process software that does fit in to categories such as ERP or EPM. We believe the market for this software will be over $2 billion by 2020 and we plan to be a major player.