Parents of Scouts Form “BSA Parents,” Sharing the Stories and Values of Scouting

Staff Report From Metro Atlanta CEO

Thursday, July 11th, 2019

Parents of Scouts and other supporters of Scouting announced the formation of “BSA Parents,” an independent advocacy organization dedicated to amplifying the voices of those who believe in the values and mission of the Scouting BSA program and Boy Scouts of America.
The program was launched in the Atlanta area this month and is currently rolling out in additional communities nationwide. BSA Parents aims to give parents and others a platform to talk about the ways Scouting has positively impacted their children and their communities.
“The values that Scouting teaches youth - integrity, service, citizenship and leadership - will help them be successful wherever they go in life,” said Mitch Leff, Atlanta area spokesman and long-serving local Scout leader. “These values are especially important right now. The more young people who engage in Scouting today, the stronger our national fabric will be in the future.”

For instance, Scouting helps youth understand their responsibilities to their communities and country, not only as citizens who have a role in their government but also to “help other people at all times.”  Each year, Scouts provide thousands of hours of community service at schools, parks, community centers, religious institutions and more.

Scouting also teaches leadership and helps young men and women develop the knowledge, self-confidence and courage they need to be great leaders in their unit and in their community, today and for the rest of their lives.

"Scouting is in my blood. I'm a proud father of two Eagle Scouts and grandfather to two Scouts on their Trail to Eagle,” said Don McChesney, chairman of BSA Parents. “The Boy Scouts of America plays an indispensable role in developing communities and the formation of character and values in our youth. I'm proud to carry the torch of this wonderful organization to ensure it thrives for generations to come."