Georgia No. 29 Best State for Journalists to Live and Work

Friday, August 16th, 2019

new study released found Georgia is the No. 29 best state for journalists to live and work.

Despite being the only industry outside of government mentioned in the Bill of Rights, the free press has been under fire in recent years including loss of jobs, decreasing print circulation and increasing anti-media sentiment.

The rankings were determined by factoring in the latest statistics and trends in employment opportunities, median salary, cost of a living and safety concerns including attacks on media members. 

Below are Georgia findings from the study:

Journalist Employment per 1,000 Jobs:.28%

Projected Change in Employment by 2026:-9.1%

Percentage of Journalist Attacks in Last Three Years:2%

Annual Median Wage:$45,140

Median Monthly Rent:$1,465

Below are national findings from the study:

26journalists have been physically attacked in 2019

5 best states for journalists are Oklahoma, Kentucky, Nebraska, New Mexico, and Delaware

5 worst states for journalists are Oregon, Maryland, Tennessee, Alabama, and Iowa

5 best citiesfor journalists are D.C., New York, Kansas City, Minneapolis and Louisville.

5 worst citiesfor journalists are: San Jose, Nashville, Riverside, Baltimore and Buffalo.