Coro Realty Announces Rebranding, Unveils New Logo Designed to Reflect All Major Asset Types

Staff Report From Metro Atlanta CEO

Friday, December 20th, 2019

Coro Realty announced a new look for its brand by introducing a new logo, signage and website.  This signage will adorn its more than 55 properties across the Southeastern United States, with a large concentration in Intown Atlanta.

The most striking change is the addition of Coro Realty’s “skyline” to its logo, which better reflects the 22-year-old real estate investment, management and development company’s portfolio.  

“Coro Realty owns, operates and develops all major asset types,” said Robert Fransen, President and Managing Partner, Coro Realty. “By asset value, a majority of Coro Realty’s portfolio is urban and/or infill. As we continue to refresh and diversify our holdings by product type and geography, we want a refreshed look.”

In recent years, Coro Realty has purchased and/or developed properties in most major Intown Atlanta neighborhoods and infill locations in key southeastern cities.

Coro Realty’s non-retail portfolio is growing faster than its retail holdings. It is active across the real estate spectrum and regularly sells stabilized projects.  For example, four Coro properties are currently for sale, all retail.  By contrast, the company’s completed and expected 2019 acquisitions are a warehouse portfolio, two self-storage development deals, two parking decks and a mixed-use property.

The rebranding also drops the word “advisory” from the company name.  Advisory work on behalf of family offices has been and remains an integral part of Coro’s business. However, over the past decade, Coro Realty has performed significantly more investments as a principal/sponsor than as an advisor.
To further its urban and infill portfolio, in 2018, Coro Realty partnered with 20-year retail veteran Kristi Rooks to launch thoughtwell, which provides independent consulting services to retail and non-retail landlords and which oversees several of Coro Realty’s infill assets.  Together Coro and thoughtwell pursue niche development deals in strategic, infill locations, mixed-use development and repositioning opportunities, and strategic partnerships with retail and non-retail owners. It is a way for Coro to pursue smaller opportunities and to be nimbler.