Hotel Effectiveness Launches New Mobile Apps and Updates to MyHotelTeam

Staff Report From Metro Atlanta CEO

Wednesday, March 25th, 2020

Hotel Effectiveness®, the leading innovator in labor management software, announces the official launch of its new mobile apps and latest updates to MyHotelTeam®. It’s no secret that Covid-19 has greatly impacted the hospitality and hotel industry. Now, more than ever, hotel operators need tools and ways in which to communicate with their staff quickly and effectively in times of confusion. The new mobile apps (available in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store) do just that. In addition, employees have instant access to view their schedules and manage shifts and time-off requests. The company has also added real-time notifications when schedules are posted or updated and the ability to sign up employees with a simple text message.  

“Poor communication can lead to confusion, stressed employees, missed shifts, and more,” says Del Ross, Chief Revenue Officer at Hotel Effectiveness®. “The new MyHotelTeam® mobile apps provide hotel operators with the tools necessary to connect and communicate with staff in an effective way, leading to happier employees and less turnover.”

Paper schedules are a thing of the past. MyHotelTeam® is the easiest way for teams to view work schedules, manage time-off requests―and for hotel operators to track who’s accessing their schedules and who’s not. Below are some of the benefits to utilizing MyHotelTeam® as part of a hotel’s labor management process.

Key Benefits:

Access from Anywhere: Employees can view their schedules at anytime from anywhere

No Cost to Employees: MyHotelTeam® is included with any PerfectLabor™ subscription, there’s no additional cost

Team Accountability: Managers know when staff members view their schedules

Instant Notifications for Shift Changes: Employees are instantly notified via text, push notifications and email when changes are made to the schedule

Easy to Use Mobile App: The mobile app is the fastest and easiest way to communicate schedules to employees