GCBM, Inc. and NGP, Inc. to Launch Joint Covid-19 Response: Connecting Grassroots Leaders to Resources

Staff Report From Georgia CEO

Friday, May 1st, 2020

After two rounds of Federal Covid-19 funding in the billions and numerous multi million dollar efforts by the private sector, very little of these resources have made its way to the hard-hit small cities and towns in Georgia’s Rural Black Belt.  The New Georgia Project, Inc. and Georgia Conference of Black Mayors, Inc. have team up to remedy this problem.
Nse Ufot, CEO of NGP, Inc. says, “We will begin this week hosting a Weekly Zoom Conference Call with GCBM, Inc’s members and other leaders in the 111 small cities and towns in Georgia’s Black Belt with populations under 40,000.  These are the ‘Forgotten Georgians’”.
Willie Burns, Executive Director of GCBM, Inc. states that, “He along with some of his members and Franklin Delano Williams of NGP, Inc. have been participating in Zoom meeting/or conference calls with the SBA Regional Office, USDA State Office for Georgia and the White House African American Stakeholders Call.  They all have committed to helping GCBM, Inc. get resources to the small cities and towns in Georgia’s Black Belt.