Maptician Offers Business Leaders A Software Solution to Reopen Offices, Safely and Efficiently

Staff Report From Metro Atlanta CEO

Friday, May 1st, 2020

As organizations across the U.S. initiate plans to reopen offices and many CEOs deal with life-or-death human physical safety, Maptician, a cloud-based workplace management software company, introduces a new solution to aid in the transition. Maptician Flex™ is a social-distancing aware, cloud-based software that gives companies the visibility and tools to reopen and operate their offices with a priority on employee safety and greater peace of mind, and with a foundation that supports space optimization opportunities from enhanced remote-work capabilities.

Sixty-two percent of U.S. employees are working remotely at some capacity out of concern for the coronavirus, according to recent Gallup Panel data. The next couple of months are critical for business leaders as they strategize how to reopen office space. Maptician Flex provides companies with a software solution to streamline their planning. It also improves communication around the reopening in a way that addresses the psychological implications employees feel as they contemplate exiting their stay-at-home restrictions.  For middle market and large companies, employees will have an expectation that both technology and a human factor are being deployed to ensure the health and safety of themselves, their teams and the entire organization.

Maptician Flex was designed with that in mind, so that company administrators can:

Perform Social Distancing Analysis – Quickly identify social distancing risk within pre-COVID-19 seating layouts as well as in conference rooms, open areas, breakrooms, and walkways.  Dynamic and interactive social distancing rings provide immediate visual feedback on seating assignments that would result in social distancing proximity risk.

Create Staggered, Alternating Work Schedules – Create multiple seating schedules and scenarios for an organized, staged return while maintaining adequate social distancing.

Provide Mobile Accessible Floor Plan / Seating Maps – Keep employees informed with schedule and floorplan visibility and aware of temporary closures within the office. 

Initiate Seating Proximity Contact Tracing – Rapidly identify individuals who sit in the proximity of a person who tested positive for coronavirus or other highly contagious virus.

“Maptician was designed with the goal of providing visibility and insights into an organization’s offices which then could be used by its employees, leaders and persons responsible for space planning and efficiency,” shares Nick Eurek, president and co-founder of Maptician.  “From the start, we made dimensional accuracy and intelligent objects core pillars of our architecture. It was this foundation that allowed us to quickly develop and release this new functionality specifically tailored to help our customers navigate the challenges of reopening their offices and equip them with the tools to implement the new work patterns we expect to emerge from this crisis.”