Bell Law Firm Announces Launch of “Face the Jury” Podcast with Lloyd Bell

Staff Report

Monday, September 21st, 2020

Lloyd Bell, founder of Atlanta-based Bell Law Firm, today announces the premiere of his podcast series “Face the Jury”. Hosted by medical malpractice attorney Lloyd Bell, each episode focuses on specific issues surrounding medical malpractice in America, while telling the stories of real people harmed by medical negligence and their pursuit of justice. The series brings together a balance of courtroom anecdotes, trial techniques and current event analysis together in an informative listening experience.

The first two episodes of Season One are immediately available at or wherever you find podcasts. Episode one, entitled “The State of the Industry”, provides a deep dive into the big business of medicine, where medical error is the third leading killer in America. It poses the question: is the law the last, best safeguard against deadly malpractice?

“By dedicating my career to fighting for victims of bad medical care, I’ve heard countless heartbreaking stories of preventable medical negligence,” says Lloyd Bell, host of the series. “I believe this podcast can serve as a powerful tool to help inform the public of the pandemic of medical negligence, and the steps people should take to protect themselves and their loved ones from harm.”

According to a recent study by physicians at Johns Hopkins Hospital, medical malpractice causes approximately 250,000 deaths each year, making it the third leading cause of death in America behind only cancer and heart disease. Despite the large number of patients harmed by negligence, only a small fraction of health care providers are ever held accountable because the victims often do not realize malpractice occurred. “Face the Jury” is the newest initiative of Bell Law Firm to educate the public about the dangers of medical malpractice and help reduce the number of future victims in its ongoing commitment to educate the public and hold accountable those medical providers who cause preventable harm to their patients.

You can subscribe to all episodes at or wherever you find podcasts.