Tommy Nobis Family Carries On a Legacy of Service

Staff Report

Wednesday, September 30th, 2020

Tommy Nobis was an extraordinarily talented football player, but he was also an extraordinarily good man whose service off the field had an immeasurable impact on the lives of so many individuals with disabilities. When he was approached in 1977 to support a new vocational training and placement program for students with disabilities, he not only lent the strength of his name, but also passionately served on the board of directors for the next 40 years with the same tenacity he exhibited on the football field. His passion, support, and personal involvement until his death in 2017 helped change the lives of thousands of people with disabilities. 

Tommy’s wife, Lynn, was also deeply involved and when Tommy’s health began to fail, she took a more active role and joined the Tommy Nobis Center Board of Directors. Carrying on Tommy’s legacy of service after his death became a very important and meaningful pursuit. 

After seven years of service on the board and a lifetime of dedication to Tommy Nobis Center, Lynn is now passing the torch to her daughter Devon Jackoniski, who was recently appointed to the board.

Lynn said, “I am so proud of our daughter.  She has great enthusiasm for the Center much like Tommy did and I am thrilled that she is following in her father’s footsteps.” 

Devon is Director of Clinical Affairs for ModusOne Health and a busy mother of three. She holds a Bachelor of Applied Science degree from University of Georgia and a Bachelor’s Physician Assistant degree from Medical College of Georgia School of Medicine.   

“We are extremely proud to welcome Devon to our board of directors. Her willingness to carry on her family’s legacy of service is inspiring and meaningful,” President & CEO, Dave Ward said. “She will bring the same tenacity and will to win that her father had.”

Having already served as chair of the Tommy Nobis Center Galaxy of Stars event, Devon will continue in that role again this year. She will carry on the strong Nobis family legacy of service through her incredible level of passion and dedication to the mission of Tommy Nobis Center.