Beringei Graduates from Tech Alpharetta

Wednesday, January 13th, 2021

Tech Alpharetta, the nonprofit organization helping the City of Alpharetta to lead in innovation, announces the most recent graduate from its Innovation Center, Beringei.
The program’s 14th graduate, Beringei, has developed a digital platform that connects consumers with designated, new clothing designers who create fashion designs that are voted on by consumers. Only the most popular designs are then manufactured, ensuring success for the new designers, satisfied consumers, and a reduction in the environmental waste associated with the clothing manufacturing process.
Beringei focuses on "community-driven clothing" to enable both customers and designers to work together to create sustainable fashion using ideas like community-based capitalism, environmental consideration and giving back at the moment of purchase.
After 18 months as a Tech Alpharetta startup, Beringei has now graduated into commercial space in Milton, Ga., and hired two new employees.
“Tech Alpharetta’s advice, guidance and connections were tremendously valuable to me as I worked to develop Berengei’s prototype digital marketplace,” observed Beringei Founder and CEO, Bryan Bolling.  “In addition, the many startup founders whom I met at the Center have been particularly impactful to Beringei’s journey.”
Tech Alpharetta’s Innovation Center is a thriving tech startup incubator in Alpharetta that provides education, mentoring and other resources to its startup members to help them to grow and succeed. Bolling founded Beringei in 2017 (as “The Mix”), and joined the Innovation Center in June 2019.
“We wish Bryan great success with his launch of Beringei,” stated Tech Alpharetta CEO, Karen Cashion.