The Future is Electric: Atlanta Stands Out as 6th Best City to Own an EV

Staff Report

Friday, August 13th, 2021

As the push for electric transportation in the U.S. grows, some cities are racing to become more EV-friendly. But what’s the current state of play? How much evidence is there for a rush towards increases in the usage of electric vehicles?             

In our most recent study, we set out to investigate which metros are best suited to cater to the EV mindset. We scored metropolitan areas based on 14 key metrics, such as the number of EVs owned, EV infrastructure including public and residential charging stations, the cost of an eGallon, and dedicated HOV and HOT lanes for EVs. All things considered, the Atlanta metro area stands out as the sixth-best city for electric cars in 2021.

Here are some of the most important highlights:

  • Atlanta claims the sixth-largest number of EV charging stations overall (over 1,100).

  • Atlanta ranks as the third, overall, best-equipped metro for its EV infrastructure, with about 0.5 charging stations per 1,000 households, and a cost of electricity of $0.9/eGallon.

  • Per the latest data, about 36,051 electric vehicles are registered across Atlanta, the tenth-largest concentration of EVs in the country.

  • Atlanta also has the 11th-highest number of apartment units (5.8%) fitted with charging stations – almost double the national average of 3.2% of apartments that can claim to have this feature.

  • Moreover, almost 20% of public transit in Atlanta runs on clean fuel, helping the metro reduce its carbon footprint.

You can find the full report, together with how experts answered some questions about the future of electric cars, here: