Wellspring Living Completes Second Campaign Mural with Partner Roundtown Collaborations

Tuesday, August 31st, 2021

Wellspring Living is pleased to announce the completion of their second 20th anniversary mural with the campaign partner, Roundtown Collaborations.

The mural was designed and installed by a local artist on the wall of Roundtown's premier event venue, The Dottie at Triumph Station in Fayetteville, Georgia.

"Roundtown believes in the work being done by Wellspring Living and that partnerships like this are essential in growing awareness to issues like human trafficking. Roundtown is a company that's passionate about fueling the future of communities," said Roundtown Collaborations Founder and CEO Micheal Thompson.

The mural artist, Neftali Morales, is a native of the US Virgin Islands who has been residing in the metro Atlanta area for over 20 years. "This project gave me a chance to put out work in my own community that inspires people. I am truly motivated by Wellspring Living's mission to restore and transform the lives of those in need. I hope this piece gives survivors hope that change is possible,” stated Morales.

“Our first residential program was created in Fayette County and to have this mural in Fayette County is extremely special,” stated Wellspring Living Founder and Executive Director Mary Frances Bowley.  "The mural is such a beautiful picture of the transformation that happens with our survivors."

The campaign theme “Hand in Hand” represents the hundreds of people and partners, like Roundtown Collaborations, who have come alongside Wellspring Living to support the restoration of sex trafficking survivors and those at risk. Earlier this year, Roundtown established their Roundtown Contribution Fund which donates 5% of all bookings of The Dottie to local charities in which Wellspring Living was the first recipient.

This initiative is a multi-site, multi-partner campaign in which unique murals will be painted around the Metro Atlanta area depicting communities coming together to see lives of sex trafficking survivors transformed. Through these partnerships, organizations will educate their community members on the reality of sex trafficking and be a part of celebrating transformation.  

View the mural campaign video here and our 20th Anniversary webpage here. Other featured posts on Wellspring Living’s Facebook and Instagram. For more information on how to partner this year, contact Development Director, Sarah Richardson.