Buckhead City to be Subject of Hearings

Thursday, September 30th, 2021

The question of whether to incorporate Buckhead neighborhoods as a municipality distinct from the city of Atlanta will be the subject of hearings convened during a special session of the Georgia General Assembly recently called by Gov. Brian Kemp. The session is expected to commence Nov. 3 and run for three weeks. Such hearings are a prerequisite to action by the Georgia legislature to present the matter of cityhood to Buckhead voters in a referendum. 

The hearings were announced at a press conference today by Sen. Brandon Beach (R-District 21), author of a bill that would put Buckhead City on the November 2022 ballot. A July poll by Rosetta Stone Communications revealed that a vast majority of Buckhead voters (60.7%) would like to vote on the issue.  

Today’s press conference at Buckhead’s Loudermilk Park publicly added several co-sponsors to the Buckhead City bill including Sen. Burt Jones (District 25); Sen. Greg Dolezal (District 27); and Sen. Randy Robertson (District 29). Others pledged to sign the bill include Sen. Lee Anderson (District 24); Sen. Steve Gooch (District 51); Sen. Carden Summers (District 13); Sen. Chuck Payne (District 54); Sen. Matt Brass (District 28); Sen. Marty Harbin (District 16); and Sen. Tyler Harper (District 7). Sen. Clint Dixon (District 45), Gov. Brian Kemp’s floor leader and member of the Georgia State and Local Government Operations Committee, signed the bill last month. 

“Buckhead City would deliver more and better services to the people of Buckhead, starting with a highly effective and properly compensated police force with a minimum of 250 officers,” said Bill White, CEO of the Buckhead City Committee, a group of volunteers working to release Buckhead from the poor management of the City of Atlanta and form its own municipality to help improve public safety, zoning autonomy, and quality of life both for the people of Buckhead and of the City of Atlanta. “Those involved in the Buckhead City movement love Atlanta, and we’re certain that this incorporation will make the entire metropolitan region safer and more prosperous.” 

Click this link to download images from the event.