Georgia Furniture Mart Launches Virtual and Private Appointments

Wednesday, September 29th, 2021

 During this period of uncertainty due to the Delta variant of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, Georgia Furniture Mart (GFM) today announced its plans to help shoppers with their furniture projects by offering customers free virtual appointments or private meetings with their sales team.

GFM has launched in conjunction with their new Virtual Consultation Service, which allows customers to chat directly with one of GFM’s top sales team member via Zoom while utilizing their 360° devices to assist shoppers in choosing the right furniture for their home. In conjunction with the GFM Virtual Consultation Service, the furniture store will offer private appointments for customers before the store opens or after the store closes. This will give customers a lot of confidence around coming in and spending longer, having more of an in-depth conversation and being able to see all that GFM has to offer without a busy showroom.

“At GFM we always want to make sure we are meeting our customers’ needs, and provide them with a customer experience they are comfortable with,” said Georgia Furniture Mart Vice President Robin Hopper-Graham. “Our new virtual consultation and private appointments will give our customers a lot of confidence around having more in-depth conversation while being able to see everything, or feel comfortable coming in and spending longer in the store. We are lucky the size of the store allows for us to do this, so all our customers can have the unique GFM experience.” 

GFM will continue their COVID safety measures throughout the store to help ensure the health and wellness of its team members and customers. A virtual appointment can be scheduled by visiting After scheduling an appointment, customers will receive a confirmation email with a Zoom link to connect to their virtual call on the date and time they picked. On the day of the appointment, the customer will simply click on the virtual conference Zoom link provided in the email and start browsing the showroom with the sales person of their choice. A list of GFM sales people can be found here