Park Springs and Peachtree Hills Place Bring Neurologist on Staff

Friday, January 21st, 2022

Isakson Living, the developer and operator of the Southeast’s premier life plan communities has added Atlanta neurologist Dr. Joash Lazarus on staff at Park Springs Life Plan Community and Peachtree Hills Place to further deliver on the mission of providing multidimensional person-centered wellness and healthy aging programs in active and engaging lifestyle communities. Lazarus will begin meeting with the members at Park Springs and Peachtree Hills Place immediately and will present information sessions for members and their families at both communities this month.

Lazarus will provide a variety of services at the communities including educational seminars to improve healthcare literacy, neurological evaluations, clinic hours and individualized prescriptive programs that may include medications, therapies and/or the most appropriate supportive living strategies. Evaluations and recommendations will consider how lifestyle impacts brain health and will factor for elements including sleep, nutrition, healthy lifestyle, cultural differences and personal goals. 

“Having a neurologist on staff is another way Isakson Living is showing our commitment to providing members with early interventions and lifestyle approaches that address potential health issues early and provide therapies that may slow progression of disease,” stated Andy Isakson, founder and managing partner of Isakson Living, which developed and operates both Park Springs and Peachtree Hills Place. “Dr. Lazarus shares our person-centered care philosophy rather than a more common disease-centered care philosophy. Every individual is different in terms of their needs, their desires and their goals for an active lifestyle, and we provide our members with the tools necessary to create an individualized plan of care that helps them achieve their personal wellness goals.”

Various illnesses, degenerative processes, and brain or spinal cord injuries can cause neurological disorders that affect brain health, but the most common to seniors include Parkinson’s disease, progressive dementia such as Alzheimer’s, vascular dementia related to impaired blood flow to the brain, strokes and difficulty with coordination and balance related to nerve cell degeneration. However, neurological conditions can be linked to other underlying health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and hypertension, so a wholistic approach to health and wellness is the best form of management.

“The hallmark of my care philosophy is relationships,” said Lazarus. “By creating educational opportunities combined with close and frequent touchpoints with the Park Springs and Peachtree Hills Place members and their families, we can diagnose earlier, provide lifestyle approaches to slow progression of disease and monitor progress on a more regular basis. Both Park Springs and Peachtree Hills Place have gerontologists, physical therapists, exercise therapist and nutritionists who can aid in creating and implementing a program to the individual needs of each member, and I look forward to being part of the team that promotes wellness for our members well into their senior years.”