Equifax Launches First-to-Market Offboarding Forms Solution

Staff Report

Thursday, June 23rd, 2022

Today, Equifax announced a new, first-to-market Offboarding Forms solution to help employers further streamline forms management throughout the entire employee lifecycle. Building on the Workforce Solutions Compliance Center™ platform, Offboarding Forms helps employers and HR professionals better manage the delivery of offboarding forms, including state-mandated separation notices, to terminated remote, in-office or hybrid employees across the United States.

"Offboarding is an important part of the broader employee experience, and it can require numerous administrative steps for the employer," said Kate Devine-Elkins, Director, Product Management, Compliance Solutions at Equifax Workforce Solutions. "Our Offboarding Forms solution gives HR leaders more confidence that the right forms are going to the exiting employee at the right time, regardless of the location."

For the year ended April 30, 2022, there were over 71 million separations in the United States; and Gallup conservatively estimates the cost of replacing an employee to be one-half to two times that person's annual salary.

"Employers recognize the stakes are high in terms of financial investment and employee experience, as well as meeting legal requirements," added Devine-Elkins. "Our Offboarding Forms solution supports a streamlined process that can be completed in a matter of minutes. And since we track and add mandated notices across every state, our unique solution helps reduce that burden for employers and can help reduce the risk of fines."

Currently, 35 states require or suggest that employers provide notices for departing employees outlining their rights in relation to unemployment benefits, regardless of whether the employee separated involuntarily or voluntarily.